Pilot training

Flying always fascinated people! You should try yourself as well what it feels like to see the world from bird’s prospective! Once you experience it you will most likely love it!
With us you can receive the necessary theoretical and practical training for your Private Pilot License (PPL) in a pleasant modern environment. We use a variety of aircrafts (Cirrus, Cessna, Bulldog, etc). Our instructors are very professional – each with a degree in aviation. We can tailor the lessons to your time schedule and provide training in English for international clients.

About the acquisition of Private Pilot License

PPL enables you to carry out VFR flights (according to Visual Flight Rules) safely without any supervision. After you obtained the basic PPL, we can provide training for your night qualification as well. We offer you planes for rent and are at your disposal if you wish to purchase an aircraft.

Requirements for the issue of PPL:

Cirrus Hungary provides the theoretical and practical training for you at a high standard. Theoretical course duration is 120 hours which is followed by exams. After passing the examinations you can start the practical part – on a Cirrus, Cessna or Bulldog. Flight training is at least 45 hours which mainly consist of airspace and cross country flights. Once the full training is completed students need to do a flight test to obtain the Private Pilot License.

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Have a good flight!